Rent art

Moriai VI at Three CrownsMany of us understand the concept of leasing when it comes to our cars. Leasing art is pretty much the same. It can be beneficial to corporate and private clients alike.
For businesses having art in the office is beneficial both to the people working there as to its customers. A nice working environment stimulates the creativity, increases office morale and helps the business attract the best employees. Towards client the use of art will boost the positive image of the company. Lasting impressions are quite important for most businesses.

Renting art, as opposed to buying it, has the advantage that it preserves the company’s working capital while also providing the tax advantage of it being treated as an operating expense.

Private individuals can benefit from art rental when they want a ‘try-before-you-buy’ option. Leasing the work allows one to live with it before the artwork is purchased outright. Moreover, 25% of the rent paid will be added as a credit for the purchase of any work produced by Yorgos Studio.

Lastly, when putting a house on the market, rented art may well give you the much needed edge in the market. It’s a proven fact that well presented properties just sell better.

Below some of the artworks we have currently available for purchase or rent.