Choices – Solo exhibition in Clerkenwell


When he was asked to participate in an exhibition in Istanbul in 2011, glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos looked beyond the divisive history of his home country and searched for the common elements of his Greek heritage and that of the host country.  While developing his unique technique of fluid art – where colour and texture is added to the silicone gel used to glue sheets together – he realised that circular pieces almost generically resembled the amulets that are presumed to protect against the bad influences of the ‘evil eye’ and which are so predominantly visible in all the countries of the Levant.

Turning the superstition around, Yorgos has created 60 new works that try to promote the values, concepts and attitudes that in his view contribute positively to a better, happier world.

The new works and the ideas behind them are the subject of a monograph that is about to be published. The works and the book  will be presented to the public during a solo exhibition in Clerkenwell in February. See the details below or check out the new website


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